Android 14 release date and Features

Android 14 release date and Features

What we can expect from Android 14

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The significant version update for 2023, Android 14 updates , is already in development by Google. Because of the yearly release schedule, Android users may expect new goodies every year. This is what we do know.

Android 14 Release Date: Unveiling the Official Launch Schedule

As strange as it may sound, Android 14 is the 34th Android version. Some versions, such as Android 8.1 Oreo, were decimal releases that kept the name but increased the version number.

With the exception of Android 12L, this no longer occurs, especially with the transition away from dessert nicknames.

When Will Android 14 Be Available?

Android 14 updates will follow a similar release schedule as previous versions. Google doesn’t share exact dates for releases, but we can expect releases in the following months:

Google did not provide a timeframe for the final release. However, we may look at prior versions to see when we might expect it. Large Android version updates are nearly often released around September or October.

Anticipated Android 14 Features: What Can Users Expect?

Google hasn’t announced much about the consumer-facing improvements in Android 14 updates  at the time of writing, but there are a few areas of focus, as well as some in-progress additions to look forward to.

Communication by Satellite

When there is no Wi-Fi or data connection, the iPhone 14 features an emergency satellite communication option that allows you to connect to satellites.

Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer has previously announced that the same technology will be included in the next iteration of Android, Android 14 updates .

Separation of the Share Menu and System Updates

The Android share menu is one of the most often criticized aspects of the operating system. When you wish to share anything from one app to another—or to certain people—this option displays.

Currently, upgrading the share menu necessitates full system upgrades; however, Android 14 may separate it into an independently updateable module. Google would be able to update it more regularly and easily as a result of this.

Redesigned User Interface in Android 14: A Fresh Look and Feel

Adapting Apps to Various Screen Sizes

First and foremost, Google is working to make Android suitable for a wide range of screen sizes. This is particularly significant in the age of foldable devices with changing screen sizes.

Google’s large-screen app quality assessment has been enhanced, making it simpler for developers to understand how their apps scale. New layouts have also been implemented.

Regional Preferences Configuration

Android 13 introduced per-app language options, and Android 14 looks to be expanding on that concept.

You may now select preferences for weather units, calendar format, and numbers using the new “Regional Preferences” function. This way, you won’t have to explicitly inform a weather app that you prefer Fahrenheit.

Better Physical Keyboard and Touchpad Support

Android 14 release date and Features

Better Physical Keyboard and Touchpad Support

When it comes to screen sizes, Android 14 update may have improved support for utilizing physical keyboards with Android tablets. Google is planning to introduce support for modifying modifier keys such as Caps Lock, Ctrl, Alt, Windows, and so on.

This would greatly increase the utility of keyboards on Android smartphones. More settings for touchpad movements and scrolling may also be available.

Android 14 release date and Features

Customizable Lock Screen Shortcuts

Customizable lock screen shortcuts are not a new feature in Android, although they have mostly been available on Samsung Galaxy handsets. It will now be a built-in component of Android as a whole, which is a wonderful addition.

Previously, Google determined which shortcuts appeared on the lock screen, and they may not be ones you use. Android 14 includes a right and left slot for a flashlight, Do Not Disturb mode, camera, Google Wallet, mute, Google Home, QR code scanner, or video camera.

Identifying Bloatware

Some Android smartphones come with a slew of bloatware pre-installed. This might range from cellular applications to sponsored games.

The feature’s name is “Apps Installed in the Background,” and Android 14 may have a section in the Developer Options menu for removing it. It’s unclear whether this will be for Android 14 or 15.

Predictive Back Gesture

Video Source – XDA Developer

The back gesture on Android isn’t the best, especially since applications don’t always make it obvious where you’ll be heading when you use it.

To clarify, Android 14 will offer you a preview of where you’ll travel when you use the gesture. You’ll receive a peek of the previous screen as you swipe in from the side of the display.

Restricted App Sideloading

Sideloading is the process of installing an app from somewhere other than the Play Store.

It’s quite simple to accomplish, even on Windows 11 and Amazon Fire tablets, but it’s less safe than installing through an app store. Sideloading programs that target SDK version 23 (Android 6) or lower is not permitted in Android 14.

Switching Between Dual SIM Cards Automatically

Using two SIMs in your phone is currently difficult. If the primary SIM isn’t receiving excellent reception, you must manually switch SIMs.

A new option in the SIM settings seeks to address this issue. Users may enable “Switch Mobile Data Automatically,” and Android will try to move between SIMs based on cellular coverage. This capability has been available on iPhones for a few years.

Cloning of Apps

In the past, cloning applications required the use of a third-party program or a Samsung phone. Android 14 may formally introduce the functionality.

In the “Apps” area, there is a new “Cloned Apps” choice. Not all applications will be clonable since developers and manufacturers might choose to disable the capability.

Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam

Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam

Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam

Last year, Apple enabled the use of iPhones as webcams. Google is now working to extend the feature to Android smartphones as well.

An ongoing effort will allow you to connect and use an Android smartphone as a “USB Video Class” (UVC) camera. This implies that it would operate as a webcam on most devices rather than being tied to a system, as Apple’s solution is.

Apps with Passkey Support

Passkeys are on their way to becoming the next method to sign into things on your phone. Passwords and PINs are replaced with more secure biometrics.

Dashlane, a popular password organizer, has previously stated that passkeys would be supported in Android 14. 1Password has also announced support for passkeys, with more to come in the future.

Photo Permissions Similar to iOS

The iPhone features a privacy setting (added in iOS 14) that allows you to provide an app access to only a subset of your images rather than all of them. A similar feature may be included to Android 14.

When an app seeks access to media, you would be able to select whether to give the app access to only some files or to all files. It’s unclear whether this will be included in the final version of Android 14, although it would be a wonderful addition.

Android 14’s Dessert Nickname

code change in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) revealed the official internal codename for Android 14 is “Upside Down Cake.”

For a long time, Google had a dessert nickname to go with every major Android release. However, it stopped after Android 9 Pie in 2018. Since then, it’s been plain ‘ol Android 10, Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13.

The public nicknames may have ended, but the internal nicknames have persisted. Android 10’s internal codename was “Quince Tart,” Android 11 was “Red Velvet Cake,” Android 12 was “Snow Cone,” and Android 13 was “Tiramisu.”

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