Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 8 -Why Should you upgrade?

Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 8 -Why Should you upgrade?

Google's flagship phone lineup for 2023 has been upgraded with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

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Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 8- Find out more about the differences between the Pixel 6 and Pixel 8 and consider upgrading.

Learn how the Pixel 8 stacks up against the Pixel 6 in terms of the display, performance, camera, battery life, and pricing as you scroll down.

The Pixel 6’s display is larger.

The Pixel 8 Pro will probably be your first choice if you’re searching for a Pixel with a large screen. The Pixel 6 features a larger display than the Pixel 8 but costs substantially less if you’re on a tight budget.

Having said that, you can anticipate that navigating and gaming on the more recent phone may seem a little bit better because the Pixel 8 has a quicker refresh rate than the Pixel 6.

In comparison to the Pixel 8, which has a 6.2-inch display and a 120Hz refresh rate, the Pixel 6 sports a 6.4-inch screen.

Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 8 -Why Should you upgrade?

Pixel 6

The Pixel 8 has a more powerful Processor.

The first smartphone to use Google’s proprietary Tensor chipset was the Pixel 6. Two years later, the Google Tensor G3 is the third generation of processor that powers the Pixel 8.

Google claims that the Pixel 8 will perform better than its predecessors since it has the company’s most powerful Pixel processor to date.

Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 8 -Why Should you upgrade?

Pixel 8

The selfie camera on the Pixel 8 is larger.

The Pixel 8 boasts the same set of back cameras that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 had before it, with the Pixel 8 Pro getting the telephoto lens.

Both phones include a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor and a 50-megapixel primary camera, albeit the Pixel 8 now has autofocus built into the ultra-wide lens.

The improved selfie camera on the Pixel 8 is one enhancement. The Pixel 8’s front camera is larger than the Pixel 6’s front camera, which had an 8-megapixel resolution.

The battery of the Pixel 6 is bigger.

The battery capacity of the Pixel 8 has decreased from 2021, despite its abundance of improvements. The Pixel 8’s battery capacity is 4575 mAh, compared to the Pixel 6’s 4614 mAh capacity.

Despite this distinction, Google asserts that both batteries have a maximum operating time of more than 24 hours, providing you with a full day of use of your Pixel.

The Pixel 6 price cheaper.

Despite needing to be purchased through a third-party website, the Pixel 6 is already far more affordable than the Pixel 8 despite being only two years old.

The starting price for the Pixel 8 is £699/$699, whereas the current Amazon price for the Pixel 6 is just £309. That costs less than half as much as the most recent Pixel.

Google Pixel 6 vs Google Pixel 8 comparison Chart

The price, camera, display, performance, RAM, storage, battery, operating system, network connectivity, multimedia warranty, user rating, and more are all different between the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 8.

Specifications Google Pixel 6 Google Pixel 8
Price $239. $699.
Display 6.4 inches (16.26 cm) 6.2 inches (15.75 cm)
Camera 50 MP + 12 MP And 8 MP 50 MP + 12 MP And 10.5 MP
OS Android v12 (to update Android 14) Android v14
Battery 4614 mAh 4575 mAh

Design –

Height 158.6 mm 150.5 mm
Width 74.8 mm 70.8 mm
Thickness 8.9 mm 8.8 mm
Weight 207 grams 187 grams
Colours Sorta Seafoam, Kinda Coral, Stormy Black Obsidian, Rose, Hazel
Waterproof Yes, Water resistant (up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1.5 meter), IP68 Yes, Water resistant (up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1.5 meter), IP68
Ruggedness Dust Proof Dust Proof
Is it worthwhile to upgrade to Pixel 8?

If you can’t decide between a brand-new Pixel 8 and a Pixel 6, I believe the Pixel 8 is worth the extra cash you’ll spend.

A more compact and lighter design, a brighter and smoother display, a more powerful processor , faster wireless charging, and improved cameras are all featured.

Short Notes

Google Pixel 8

The Pixel 8 is the latest flagship from Google featuring the Tensor G3 processor. The phone now boasts of up to seven years of software updates. It features a brighter display, more compact form factor, larger battery, and improved cameras. The Pixel 8 comes in two new colors and two storage variants.


  • Compact and lighter design
  • Seven years of software support
  • Latest Google processor

  • Still no dedicated telephoto camera
  • More expensive than Pixel 6.


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